We have long since been offering complete mixing solutions for process equipment. We take care of your mechanical requirements so that you can create best product for your consumer. Our designs are not just to suit process requirements, but to ensure maximum operating comfort to our clients.

Agitator Design

We have product trial setup extensively used to study and analyse actual mixing patterns and modifications. We cater to all types of agitation requirements clients across different industries and with myriad process conditions.

Systems Improvements

Our development initiative has also helped us optimise our internal production processes by implementing various system improvement initiatives. In last few years we have added various products to our array. The list of new items includes standardized pressure manholes/hand holes, Hoppers, Silos and corresponding accessories. Our clients have always relied on us to develop new product or execute a challenging project and we have always given our best.

Batch Improvement

With our agitation exercises, many of our clients have been able increase efficiency of the process resulting into reduced batch times and power saving, thus assuring direct effect on consumer satisfaction.

Scale Up

We understand it is always a critical step for client to scale up Laboratory process to a commercialised production. It is never as easy as direct multiplication of scale lab vessel dimensions. We are here to ensure that you get the same process when you take your product in your production plant.


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